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Testimonials – What Our Happy Clients Have To Say…

Sandy F., Sacramento
“Chris and Gail are excellent. They restored and sealed our white tile floors and showers to new, restored and polished our stainless appliances and marble counters, and did an amazing job on our carpets and upholstery. We’ve had our carpets cleaned before but the stains return and things looked dingy. But not this time. Worth every penny!”

Neil C., El Dorado Hills
“We have a large amount of Travertine tile that over 13 years had become dirty with noticeably dark grout. We didn’t realize just how dirty the Travertine tile and grout was until we folded back a couple of area carpets. In addition, we had quite a few chips and scratches that were made more visible by the accumulation of dirt. We regularly vacuumed and mopped the floor which we thought would keep the floor clean.

Chris and his son Sean worked three full days. When they were finished, our floor looked brand new. They not only got the tile spotlessly clean with a beautiful new luster, the chips and scratches basically disappeared.

If you need any type of hard floor maintenance, we can strongly recommend C&G. They also clean carpets and based of this experience, we will definitely use C&G when we need carpet cleaning in the future.”

Sylinda Gleason, Sacramento
Disability Claims Examiner
“I have been using your company for carpet cleaning for many years. Your company is dependable. I always get prompt return calls and attention. Each time you clean my carpet is comes back looking better than new! I have nice clean, fresh smelling carpet. It s nice to walk on. It feels soft. Cleaning regularly also helps to maintain and extend the life of my carpet.”

James Kenward, Sacramento
Retired Teacher
“I have had excellent results from your carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. You have a high sense of integrity. You delivered what was promised, were on time, paid attention to detail and were fast workers! I trust what Chris tells me. My carpets look, feel and smell better. I have fewer allergies due to dust.”

Patricia Papotto, Rancho Cordova
Retired Registered Nurse
“You have cleaned my carpet many times. You are very thorough! I am now better able to breathe, and I am enjoying my home more. It’ s healthier!

Stephen and Beverly Farr, Sacramento
Postal Clerk; State Budget Analyst
“We re very satisfied! Your work is very professional and always with excellent results. With previous carpet cleaners, our carpet was left soaking wet, taking 2-3 days to dry out. After C & G cleaned our carpets, everything dried over night. We were able to put our house back together much sooner. We really appreciate this extra convenience!”

Polly Packard, Carmichael
Licensed Massage Therapist
“Wow! Thanks Chris. I had forgotten how nice my carpet looked when it was new, You really brought it back to life! Spots are gone and once again it looks brand new. You re the best! Thanks.”

Laura Nidetz, Sacramento
Sales Director
“C & G cleaned my tile shower, and regrouted my kitchen sink. They are a great family owned and reliable business. The regrouting of my kitchen sink looks great! The deterioration has stopped , and no longer are there ants coming in through holes.”

Jaxie Smith, Elk Grove
Retired church administrator
“Chris and Gail are qualified, hard-working professionals with integrity. Who could ask for more? They cleaned and sealed my marble tile in my shower. They gave us a product to use once or twice a week. We spray it on our shower walls and it extends the efficiency of the sealant.”

Jeanne Caswell, El Dorado Hills
“You cleaned and sealed my travertine floors and cleaned my area rugs. You are very professional with timely service and competitive pricing. I was happy with you teaching me about long term care for my floors. What to do and what not to do.”

Ralph and Sheila Westlin, Sacramento
“Chris and Gail have cleaned my carpet twice a year for 9 years. They have also cleaned and sealed my tile. They do an excellent job. Each time is a happy experience. They are friendly and professional. After 9 years, our carpets still look like new.”

Barbara Philo, Sacramento
“You did a very good, excellent job! I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs their services. You cleaned my carpet, sofa and floors. Chris and Gail are very professional, and always keep the client up to date if changes need to be made. I am very happy with the way my house looks and smells.”

Maritza Giberga, Sacramento
“You have been cleaning my carpet for years. You are dependable, honest and always do a good job. You are very courteous, professional and personable. I had a flood and was concerned about bacteria on my tile floor and baseboards. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and the grout and baseboards were disinfected and looked brand new! The main benefit I see with C & G, is the relationship. I can count on the same excellent service every time. I can count on a call back, I can count on C & G caring about me and my home!”

Peter and Susan Kuttner, Sacramento
“We have been using C & G once a year for over 10 years to clean our carpet. You are very professional and personable. Because the services are performed by the owner, you are 100% punctual, reliable and with excellent results. We are glad we don t have to deal with subcontractors or employees that are unknown to us. We are happy with the courtesy and satisfaction of your service. We have our carpet cleaned when we go on vacation and leave the house in complete confidence and trust without hesitation.”

Ken Nicholson, Sacramento
Video Producer
“C & G Cleaning is extremely professional, thorough and courteous! You rise above customer expectations and set a high standard based on your experience and passion for your work. It is exactly how I approach my own work, and I enjoy seeing another professional employ the same approach.”

Marybeth Moore, Sacramento
Network Marketing Professional
“I have used your services many, many times. You have cleaned my carpet, and cleaned and sealed my tile and grout. I love your sense of pride and integrity. Every experience is a good experience. What I appreciate the most is that you treat each carpet cleaning as if it was your first with me. Some services out there tend to get  comfortable and sloppy  with repeat business& .but not you guys!”

Clara Reid, Sacramento
“You are a reliable competent company. I would not hesitate to refer your company to my friends. I definitely plan to call on you for future carpet cleaning. The main experience (one which is almost extinct with other service companies) is that you stated a time of arrival and you were here exactly on time. Not sometime with a four hour period or a  no show . I appreciate your punctuality. Thank you for a job well done!”

Donna Pierini, Sacramento
“My overall feeling of your company is very good. I am happy with your politeness and good work. My house smells better and my carpet looks better.”

Cheryl Holmquist, Sacramento
“I have used your services twice a year for 5+ years I trust your work. My carpets are always clean, and they dry quickly. You are always on time and work efficiently. You are friendly. You do a great job at a reasonable price.”

Diane Stout, Folsom
Retired, Civil Service
“My overall feeling about your company is that it is a small company, and you focus on service to client, and quality performance. Chris was very professional and did an outstanding job! The house felt very clean after the service was completed, providing a sense of relief. The house had a clean smell. Chris made me feel comfortable when estimating the cost of services, his manner was very professional. Our house feels so much cleaner and easier to breathe. Thank you!”

Mrs. Louis Fatur, Sacramento
“You have a very good system, the work was excellent. I would recommend you to anyone. Everything turned out very clean!”

Bill Stahl, Carmichael
“You’ve cleaned my carpet several times. You re the best! There was rust on our beige carpet, and you got it out. You re honest, the prices are reasonable and you do great work!”

Dan Catherwood, Sacramento
Wedding Photographer
“You have cleaned my carpet many times. You are very professional, friendly, efficient and you do work of the highest quality. I have 15 year old carpet that you manage somehow to bring back to almost new.”

Alice Talbot, Sacramento
“I am very pleased with your services. My carpets look beautiful! The benefit I have gotten from you is knowing that everything has been done professionally.”

Kay Nelson, Davis
Staff @UCD
“I have used your carpet cleaning service 3 times. You have excellent service! You are on time, courteous, hard working and thorough. You restored the cleanliness to my carpet.”

Freida Fusilier, Sacramento
Language and Speech Specialist, Musician
“You have cleaned my carpet many times for many years. Your company is excellent! I was specifically happy with the work on the dirty staircase. Also the oriental rugs. You are especially sensitive about not letting my cats out of the house.”

Pamela Soule, Fair Oaks
“Chris is professional in his attitude and performance. He was punctual and did the jobs in the time he estimated. The carpet cleaning was dry faster than anyone we ve had. The carpet looks super! I ve also been happy with having my phone calls returned promptly.”

Glenda Adams, Rancho Cordova
“You’ve cleaned my carpet for years. I am very pleased, and would use your service again. You finished the job in the time allotted and you were very polite and put everything back.”

Elizabeth Tracy, Sacramento
“I have used your services approximately 12 times. You have cleaned our carpet. You know we can count on you to do your best. You are reliable and we feel like we know you.”

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