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Natural Stone Care

C & G Cleaning is an expert in hard surface and stone restoration. We have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989. We have restored hundreds of floors and specialize in stone restoration, polishing and stone care of all types. Call us for natural stone care.
The Finished Results
Are you looking to restore the mirror like finish to your stone floors or counters? Or maybe a honed or semi-gloss sheen. Then call us at C & G Cleaning now. We can deliver the restored results you desire.
High traffic areas are prone to wear patterns, etch marks, stains and fine scratches. We can remove these blemishes by honing your marble and other natural stone surfaces. After honing, we begin to polish the area to your desired finish. The end result is a damage free surface that looks like new.
Stone Polishing
Using a combination of abrasive diamonds and polishing powders, C & G Cleaning can polish your stone to achieve a polished look. Some softer stone surfaces can be polished to a high shine, but may then require more maintenance to keep that shine. You’ll always know exactly what to expect and can rely on our expertise to guide your stone care decisions armed with the most current knowledge.
After the stone is restored, it should be protected with a sealer to help prevent dirt and spills from absorbing into it. Most stones are porous by nature, and if left unsealed, will tend to absorb spills which could lead to unsightly discoloration of your stone.
Stone Cleaning
At C & G Cleaning, the stone cleaning method we use is tailored to the requirements of your specific floor. When maintained regularly using a neutral pH cleaner, stone is relatively simple to keep clean. But once the floor is worn, dirt can collect in low points and easily cause your stone to look dingy. Having a stone floor that is polished and properly maintained makes cleaning and care for your stone easy.
Stain Removal
Stains and discoloration in stone are inevitable. C & G Cleaning is able to remove almost any stain and restore natural stone back to a like new condition.
Grout Restoration
Grout plays an important role in keeping your floors and walls in good condition. Cracked or missing grout can lead to more expensive stone repair problems so it’s important to address these areas promptly. We use the latest techniques to repair, restore and re-grout your stone as needed.
Stone Maintenance
C & G Cleaning offers free advice and a 100% satisfaction guarantee when we are servicing your home or business. We don’t just know how to restore natural stone, we know the best way to perform the services to ensure they last.

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Jaxie Smith, Elk Grove
Retired church administrator

Chris and Gail are qualified, hard-working professionals with integrity. Who could ask for more? They cleaned and sealed my marble tile in my shower. They gave us a product to use once or twice a week. We spray it on our shower walls and it extends the efficiency of the sealant.

Jeanne Caswell, El Dorado Hills

You cleaned and sealed my travertine floors and cleaned my area rugs. You are very professional with timely service and competitive pricing. I was happy with you teaching me about long term care for my floors. What to do and what not to do.

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